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Valuer Bail Applications Sydney

Values for the fair value transfer of a real estate asset maybe required for various reasons that may include the retirement of a business partner, succession of family estates and family law advice

Family Law Court valuations must be handled with the utmost care to ensure a successful, fair, and equitable division of assets can occur. Our reports are in a format that is accepted by the courts. We are often appointed the single expert property valuer. Our office can prepare affidavits certified by our in-house justice of peace.

Family Law Valuer Sydney

Family Law Valuer

Our firm is experienced and familiar with the process. It is often worth considering the joint appointment of a single expert for the division of a shared asset. Our reports provide a detailed rationale of how value is formed and a comprehensive review of the comparison sales utilised.

The objective is to ensure all parties are satisfied with a fair and reasonable process, and a smooth succession of business or family property.

Valuer Bail Applications Sydney

Bail Applications

To satisfy the court with property (real estate) as bail security, the defendant or the surety (other person providing bail) must provide evidence from a licensed valuer and therein to include a reference to the property as described in the Certificate of Title and an up-to-date title search (i.e. a search performed in the last 24 hours) is best included.

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