What People Look For When Buying a House?

House-hunting in Australia has always been a strategic task. As a potential seller, it pays to know what promising buyers are looking for. An informed seller can tactically renovate the property and make repairs to enhance the house valuation. Remember, potential buyers wouldn’t mind shelling out extra when you have the right plethora of features for them!

Most buyers would be forking out hundreds of additional dollars if your home is centrally air-conditioned. Likewise, having a kitchen island or a patio outdoors would fetch you far more returns from your property. Let’s take a look at what homeowners in Australia desire to have in their dream houses.

How to enhance your property value with the right features?

Integrating the right set of features into your property can significantly enhance its value. Here are some of the enhancements you can make before you pitch the property for sale.

1. Modular bathrooms and kitchens

Traditionally, Australian homeowners have been skeptical about bathrooms and kitchens. An updated and well-maintained kitchen or bathroom can drastically increase the property value. Before you sell off the property, get modular kitchens and bathrooms. Also, replace the old taps and faucets during the makeover. Modular appliances would instantly click in the minds of a potential buyer!

2. Outdoor spaces

Properties with usable outdoor spaces such as patio, backyards, lawns, gardens, or garage spaces get sold off faster. Potential buyers would be looking for properties with such spaces. Every family wants to spend time with their children. With play areas and sitting zones around, they can make the most of the available space. In case there’s not much room for a garden outside your home, it would be wise to integrate a garden terrace.

3. Breezy interiors

The natural instinct of prospective homebuyers is to get a healthy and well-ventilated interior for their families. Sunlit interiors with plenty of natural air and light would create a positive vibe. In case your existing structure lacks proper cross ventilation, make sure to integrate some modifications before you sell it off. Consider replacing small old windows with modern and larger ones. This would fetch you a far better property value.

4. Storage spaces

Every family wants to declutter their homes. With adequate storage spaces around, this becomes a reality. In the process, they would be able to free up usable space, while organizing their belongings properly in the storage areas.

New property buyers habitually inspect the structures for storage features. In case you are not having adequate space for storage, consider installing customized features to make room for the same.

5. Energy-efficient appliances

While purchasing a home involves a one-time investment, the families need to pay the utility bills on a recurring basis. Naturally, they would look for energy-efficient appliances, that would help them slash the bills. Low flow faucets, solar panels, and energy-efficient heating systems in your home can significantly leverage your property value.

What would be the right price to sell your house?

Well, this is a tricky question, and most homeowners land up in a dilemma regarding the accurate valuation of their property. This explains why most Australians count on trusted house valuers before selling off their houses. With established Sydney valuers around, you can eliminate all sorts of guesswork and quote the right value for your property. Most importantly, you won’t be undervaluing your home, only to repent later!